Welcome. This is web site of one little boy named Alian Omerbai?. Site contains all medical records about Alian illness, as well as news and photographs that accompanied Alian in his fight for life, removal and treatment in Germany. We will try to notify you on Alian state today.

Alian Omerbai? was born on 25th of December 2010. in Sarajevo. After one, so called routine operation on Pediatric surgery of the Clinical University Center in Sarajevo, boy has got sepsis......

Alians parents are looking for a clinic to send him for treatment, amputation is one of the latest solutions. Hope comes from Children clinic Schwabing which is part of one clinic in Munich and prof. dr. Milomira Ninkovi?a...

Alians body is struggling with sepsis, fight goes on for days...tissue death at the hands, feet and nose is a result of sepsis. Doctor suggestion from Clinical Center in Sarajevo is amputation of the affected areas.


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Alian prije operacijeSome of you may have already heard about the life story of one little brave boy, Alian Omerbai?, who developed sepsis after a kidney stent-implant surgery (Hydronephrosis) at the Pediatric Surgery of State KCUS clinic here in Sarajevo, Bosnia.

Due to doctors negligence and carelessness at the Pediatric Surgery, infection was not suppressed in a timely and usual procedure, and the boy became infected. Sepsis is a life-threatening blood poisoning! The infection could have been stopped in time had some (otherwise excellent) doctors from the Pediatric Surgery taken necessary steps and provided our boy with care as given normally to patients after surgical procedures even the most routine ones!

So our little Alian was left with no care after what for him was a long and exhausting procedure. No blood tests were done. No normally administered care was provided. A health-care provider that performs any kind of procedure is responsible under the law to provide a minimum of 2448 hours close-watch (intensive) care in order to avoid health risks and related post-surgery complications!

Due to negligence and carelessness for our little baby-boy, those excellent doctors have brought Alian into one terrible state so much so that parts of his body had to be amputated after having rotten out in no-time. Our baby thus became 100%-disabled for life!

Only Lord knows what we have been through as a family and as a community. Thanks to Him, the sepsis did stop, however both of our childs feet and fists were victims of dry gangrene (see the photo gallery).

The KCUS Medical Council proposed amputation of fingertips on both hands, as well as amputation of thirds of the left and the right foot together with fingers. Our duty as parents was to seek second opinion and alternative solutions in order to save our little baby from amputation, which is always the last option for every parent.

Thanks to greatness of good Lord and recommendation by Professor Ismet Gavrankapetanovi? PhD MD, we found out about former Sarajevo native, Professor Milomir Ninkovi? PhD MD who works in Germany and who gave us hope that not all was lost, and that our boy's hands and feet could be saved after all.

The treatment was very expensive - we again thank God and this world full of good and generous people for their help. Our best friends people from Bosnia and all over the world gave us back hope that we needed so much. We managed to provide our little boy with world-class medical care to try and save the maximum of what could be saved. We couldn't imagine our little one having to spend his entire life dependent on others for even basic, everyday-things.

Soon we are going to post on this website the entire sequence of events as-they-happened, together with the names and pictures of dear doctors who have destroyed our happiness and brought this nightmare onto our family, while forcing us to look for help in a land far away from home.

In the name of Omerbai? family, we want to thank each and every one of you who helped us in any way. We extend our deepest gratitude on to all of the unselfish, kind and supportive individuals and organizations that have stayed with us during these terrible events.

Once again, we are especially thankful to Professor Ninkovi? and his amazing team of doctors: Professor Stuart Hosie PhD MD, Kinderklinikum Schwabing Muenchen; to the Chief of the Orthopedics and Trauma Clinic in Sarajevo Professor Ismet Gavrankapetanovi? PhD MD, as well as to Semin Be?irbegovi? MD; we also thank the www.ekapija.ba business investment portal.

And of course, we thank all those good, known and unknown people alike who have helped us directly or indirectly, from Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, and on to the farthest reaches of the world you can imagine from America to Australia!

 Alian, Albina and Omer Omerbai?



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Special thanks to everyone who helped: Little Alian goes to Munich for surgery

...Alian shall be received prof. dr. Milomir Ninkovi?, one of the worlds leading plastic Surgeons, who will try to save fingers and feet. Doctor Ninkovi? is the chief of this department Plastic and reconstructive surgery for hands and Center for serious burns in Munich hospital. Now he is the only hope for little Alian and to his parents Albina and Omer.

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